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Fucking Without Consequences


No. I definitely got it wrong. It could be for life but it is not what I didn’t expected. It is just another delusion starring the life of every non exception crystallized in the human bodies of this damned and holy terrestrial globe. I texted in wordplay as life has to be played as weel as led and Antares has called me with a broken voice full of terror fearing that I was pregnant. Human mind filling spirits with fears. No. I wouldn’t have taken the pill once more. Because I am a woman who has the right to avoid every useless drug. Because a woman makes love with someone who most probably won’t be the last guy she would ever know but precisely because she doesn’t fear becoming pregnant.  If I make love with someone it is because that someone can make me pregnant and I would have that child and I would grow the child by myself either. If I make love with someone I don’t do it just for fun. When a man asks you to take the pill you feel just like a sheep that causes problems that have to be kept under control. Mind you woman! Don’t mess up with me! You just feel like a juice sucker. You just feel like a hooker. To the nth degree. This time I didn’t idealized the man I decided to make love with after numerous sexual assaults. I don’t even like having sex. If I make love it is because some kind of feeling always called with the same name, love, is involved. But i never feel loved.


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EVEning and light

water is turning crimson
slowly the light is weakening
the walls are painted with despair
hiding behind a mirror
which refuses to reflect anything
any addresee could ever see

the roof misses just lowness
while doors are closed behind delirium
window gaolers of the day
scents only dwell in memories
that the evening smells of nothing

some beings stare at each other
from unfillable inward distances
unable to distract from their opposites
questioning the world from specular standpoints
like characters on cards

thus no evening without light
then soon night is on
after the incandescent osmosis
apparent in the celestial sphere


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Let alone the global chrisis, blodsheds, famine, eco-disasters and every next wreckage I have to admit to be once more fascinated by Italy’s primacy in committing blunder. For at least one decade, our misterious way of being a continuous and self renovating well of jokes has enriched our fame on the newspapers all over the world. The most rewarding and almost consoling part of the comedy is that a relevant percentage of the Italian population is piercingly aware of the slime we still manage to sail instead of sinking down like Darwinian’s selection theories would forsee. Funny thing is that we are the cancer not the cure and that we tipically turn to satire and irony when the last time we thought “well, we couldn’t have stooped lower” we already knew that the sentence had already become a cliché. Our mud is so dirty that one of us has invented a book and a game where you can actually act as a small drug dealer buying coverage stores on the monopoly of Expo 2015. The investigation on the causes of this art continues.
the game


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